The Hackett Group


The Hackett Group, a global strategic advisory firm, is a leader in best practice advisory, benchmarking, and transformation consulting services, including shared services, offshoring and outsourcing advice. The Hackett Group has 12 offices in the United States, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

The Hackett Group Corporate Style Guide:
The Hackett Group’s Director of Marketing wanted to establish a coherent brand that would be used by all global entities. We created the 2010 Style Guide as a reference to the corporate approved color palettes, fonts, PowerPoint templates, chart styles and logo use. By being consistent with their look and appropriate uses of collateral, The Hackett Group looked to improve their overall brand appeal.

India Location Guide:
In an effort to help businesses outsource some of their services, The Hackett Group produced research papers defining working conditions, tax structures and other vital statistics that would inform C-level executives. Keeping the Hackett brand in mind, I designed these papers to include detailed maps, charts, grids and even a scorecard scale to visually convey the locations attributes.

Book of Numbers Series:
The Hackett Group gleans the results from the vast amount of data collected during company benchmark projects to produce their annual Book of Numbers Series. Subject matter experts target and analyze the top 5 issues that are shaping the areas of HR, IT, Procurement and Finance. I designed the series’ layout, chart styles, color palette, as well as, project managed the production process.

Research Executive Briefing:
The Hackett Group was looking for a new way to deliver their research to C-level executives in a hard copy form. The solution was a pocket folder designed to easily fit in a file cabinet. The branded research was inserted and sent out quarterly in a matching envelope to ensure the contents reached the executive’s desk in pristine condition.

Business Conference Information Materials
Each year, two Best Practices Conferences are held – one in the US and one in Europe. Samples shown are from the most recent conference in London. Materials created for these events included an invitation to the event, itinerary brochure and boarding pass for a dinner cruise (all 3 shown at left), trade show signage, HTML e-mails and Hackett Group web site marketing updates for the conference.

Direct Mail Postcard
This is one of many ways The Hackett Group notified potential attendees of events being held all over the world. All collateral maintained branding elements such as use of font, approved color palette, appropriate use of logo and design of charts and metrics. Other communication mediums were pushed e-mails through integrated marketing services, printed invitations and signage at other events.